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PDQ Touch Notes™ & QNotes Office™ EMR

"From Touch… to Notes… in One Easy Step!"

  • SOAP Notes and Electronic Medical Records
  • Portable Dictation and Touchscreen Devices
  • Create Your Notes Anytime and Anywhere
  • Improve Office Workflow; Protect the Practice
PDQ Touch Notes™ for the Pad PDQ Touch Notes™ for the Pad Qnotes Office

Product Version Upgrades - Facebook News

June 1, 2015

QNotes Office EMR

New Office Workflow Edition Version 5 of our easy-to-use Electronic Medical Records. Works for virtually any type of practice as a stand alone EMR, and can also be seamlessly integrated with PDQ Touchscreen Notes or Quix Barcoding Systems. QNotes Office EMR includes lots of new features, including Patient Demographics, Vitals and Case History screens, along with a handy new Scheduler. QNotes Office is the easiest EMR on the market, and the perfect way to safely store your patient notes.  

June 15, 2015

PDQ Pad - Touch Notes for Android Pads,  iPads and Touchscreens!

Quick Notes is proud to offer PDQ Pad™ software, an integrated and automated SOAP Note System for Chiropractic, Podiatry and PT/Rehab.  PDQ Pad works on Apple iPads and Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus. PDQ links directly with QNotes Office EMR in real time, to help improve documentation and office workflow. For those of you with older PDQ (Palm) systems, you can upgrade to the new PDQ Pad solution. New features include Express Note, Update Note, Type It (edit on the fly with voice dictation or keyboard) and new Offline Mode.

June 15, 2015

Portable Notes and EMR for Multi-Office and Franchise Practices

Quick Notes is the leader in portable SOAP Notes and EMR systems in the Chiropractic, PT/Rehab and Podiatry fields. With the ever changing landscape in the healthcare market, more and more multi-office and franchise practices are starting to gain in popularity. Quick Notes has the perfect documentation solution for these types of practices, with the ability to create notes ANYTIME and ANYWHERE... on your Android Pad or iPad. Call for more information and custom pricing. 

June 15, 2015

Smart Backup Kit – Upgrade your Backup / Protect your Practice!

 We recently found that most practices either do not do a backup, or their current method of backup is doomed to fail.  You must protect your Patient Data!  We offer Smart Backup™ Kit with upgraded software and new 4GB high capacity external drives.  Now is the time to order Smart Backup V5.

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